Hama Bagage Weegschaal Wit

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* For checking the weight of suitcases while travelling to avoid excess luggage * Digital luggage scale with an easy-to-read LCD display (3.0 x 1.2 cm) * Selectable units: kg or pounds * Tara tare function * Automatic switch-off * Display for low battery level and overload warning Note for Consumers: * For weighing just secure the loop onto the handle of the suitcase and close with the hook * Aantal cijfers achter de komma: 2 * Afmeting Breedte: 5,1 cm * Afmeting Hoogte: 3,1 cm * Afmetingen Lengte: 15 cm * Max. Draagvermogen: 50 kg * Aantal Batterijen: 1 * Batterij Type: CR2032 * Kleur: Wit