Atlantic Wall

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Over Atlantic Wall

The crumblingAtlantic Wall throughthe inquisitive eyes ofphotographer StephanVanfleterenDuring World War II, Adolf Hitler gave theorder for a line of defense to be constructedalong the coasts of the western front.Ranging from the French-Spanish borderto the north of Norway, this Atlantic Wall isa series of bunkers, barricades and coastalbatteries.Over the past year Stephan Vanfleterenphotographed this 'wall' of more than 2600kilometres in his well-known black-andwhitestyle. He planted his tripod on variousbeaches in Belgium, the Netherlands andGermany, climbed cliff faces in France,sailed between the fjords of Norway andstood in the surf in Denmark to photographthe ruins of the largest military structure ofthe previous century.Vanfleteren shows with this series of photoshis wonder for the untamed architecturalbeauty of these concrete structures andhe shows the power of nature as it slowlyreclaims these structures that were onceconsidered impenetrable.Hanniba l Publishing presentswww.hanniba

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